New travel galleries available!

I must confess, the weather is not really helping in taking new photos. During this time I reach to my digital drawer and prepare galleries from my past travels. This time, let me take you to Turkey 10 years ago and to 2018’s London… Turkey London

Autumn in Pieniny

Total distance of 42 kilometres, over 60 thousand steps, 777 metres climbed. Waking up at 5 in the morning every day, walking towards the spot for sunrise, getting back with feeling of fulfilment, getting out for golden hour and sunset, feeling happy. Meeting wonderful people in love with photography, hours spent on discussing techniques, gear, hints and tips. Making new friends. Eating, drinking, laughing… These are statistics taken during the Photograpny Workshops with Wiktor Baron.

Heather madness!

I took my father to see this place at sunrise. We had to wake up at about 3 in the morning and ride for about hour and a half, but I think it was worth it! Wrzosowiska Cedyńskie im. inż. Wiesława Czyżewskiego, Osinów Dolny