New travel galleries available!

  mar 4, 2022
I must confess, the weather is not really helping in taking new photos. During this time I reach to my digital drawer and prepare galleries

Karkonosze Workshops

  lis 15, 2021
Kilometres hiked: 48 Steps taken: 64.524 Metres climbed: 729 Shots taken: 518 Shots selected: 9

Autumn in Pieniny

  paź 24, 2021
Total distance of 42 kilometres, over 60 thousand steps, 777 metres climbed. Waking up at 5 in the morning every day, walking towards the spot

Heather madness!

  wrz 1, 2021
I took my father to see this place at sunrise. We had to wake up at about 3 in the morning and ride for about

Baltic Sea Rocks!

  lip 1, 2021
My take on Głazy Piastowskie just outside of Miedzyzdroje.

Perfected & Perversed

  cze 29, 2021
I took these two in the Rose Garden in Szczecin. Perfected Perversed

Old shipwreck

  cze 13, 2021
I found this old shipwreck on the way back from my bike ride.A few days later i got back with my trusted camera and took

Lonely tree

  cze 5, 2021
In April this year I saw just the tip of this tree in the distance as I passed, but from that moment it has never